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FGIS Durum Quality Grading Information

Hard Vitreous Kernel Alignment Program

Working with USDGA and NDWC, FGIS has developed a first-ever Hard Vitreous Kernel of Amber Color (HVAC) alignment program, which will analyze samples collected in-house from the FGIS inspection process and from farmers who specifically request a FGIS inspection when delivering to an elevator.  Read more information about the program. Click here to learn how to submit a sample. 

FGIS HVAC Visual Reference


DON Monitoring Program

FGIS has had a DON monitoring program in place for the past 18 months.  Weekly and annual reports showing the comparison of the results obtained from the original inspection to those obtained by the reference method are provided to the testing locations.  Results for all service points are combined into an annual report that looks at system-wide performance, as well as where improvements can potentially be made.  The next annual report is expected October 2016. 

Your participation in the HVAC alignment program is encouraged.  Updates on both programs will be provided by FGIS officials during the 2016 Crop Outlook and International Durum Forum on Nov. 14-15 in Minot, ND.  Click here to register.

USDA Grain Inspection Handbook (see Chapter 13 for wheat grading information)

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