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The United States Durum Growers Association (USDGA) was incorporated in the state of North Dakota in January 1978. The purpose of USDGA is to promote the production and marketing of durum wheat and semolina. USDGA also lobbies on domestic policy issues that affect durum producers. Durum wheat growers or any individual vitally interested in the production of durum are eligible for membership.


The Board of Directors consists of 12 members: 9 from North Dakota, 1 from Montana, and 2 at-large members appointed by the board.


There are three director districts in North Dakota and one in Montana. North Dakota’s northwest district has four directors and includes everything west of Highway 83 and north of Highway 2. The southwest district has 3 directors and includes everything west of Highway 83 and south of Highway 2. The east district has 2 directors and includes everything east of Highway 83. The Board of Directors elects a President, Vice President, and 2nd Vice President and appoints an Executive Secretary/Treasurer.

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