2018 Presentations

Insight on the 2018 Farm Bill and Trade

Dr. Joe Outlaw, Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M University


2018 Hard Red Spring Wheat & Durum Crop Overviews

Neal Fisher, Administrator, ND Wheat Commission


What Did We Learn in 2018?

Andrew Friskop, Extension Plant Pathologist, NDSU

Joel Ranson, Extension Agronomist, NDSU 

Durum Quality Grading

Greg Neill, Senior Board Member, USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service Board of Appeals and Review

Impact of Trade Uncertainty to Wheat Producers 

​Jason Hafemeister, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs


Fate of N.D's Agriculture in Changing Climate

Adnan Akyuz, NDSU Climatologist

Tracking Trends That Matter

Todd Hale, Retail Insights Thought Leader

2018 Crop Outlook-Intl Durum Forum SPONS